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Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Coreano, Língua abcázia
Hello! I am Raegan, Im a nursing student from America. I am interested in learning Korean and learning about Korean culture! Im looking for a language exchange and possible pen pals.
Língua materna :  Turco
Língua estudada :  Japonês, Inglês
I AM 14 YEARS OLD ! hello ! I'm new in here my name is Irmak . I want make new friends ! you can send me a message ! I want learn Japanese but if you want be my friend not important the language just let's be friend. I can teach Turkish. I like k-pop and anime. I want to get to know somebody from all over the world because it's very useful for understanding overseas cultures. I welcome a lot of pen pals any age, any gender from all over the world if you are a sincere person. If you want to talk with me: Email = ok KakaoTalk= ok This app = ok Maybe we can send some gifts and letters . I think this can be really enjoyable , right? I hope you agree with me (`・ω・´)
Língua materna :  Russo
Língua estudada :  Inglês, Coreano
My name is Maria and I live in Russia .I am 14 years old and I would really like to find a pen PAL.I study Korean and English.I am engaged in music and dream to go to Korea in the future. 내 이름은 마리아와 나에서 라이브 러시아입니다.나는 14 살고 나는 사랑을 찾아 펜 PAL.I 연구는 한국어와 영어입니다.나에 종사하는 음악과 꿈을 이동하는 한국에서는 미래입니다.
Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Coreano
hello, my name is alyssa. i'm a high school student who has been studying korean for around 1-2 months now. i enjoy listening to music, singing, and reading books. i plan to get fluent in korean then moving to south korea and becoming an english teacher! if you want to become language exchange pen pals let me know!
Língua materna :  Espanhol, Galego
Língua estudada :  Árabe, Persa, Chinês (Mandarim), Russo, Turco
I am a 35 year-old man who always love to find foreign people all over the world. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in Translation and Interpretation studies in my local university. Since Chinese, Russian or Arabic (which are the UN official languages not offered where I live), I would love to learn and practice them with Pen Pals (voice chatting if possible). The rest I leave it to you, so you can ask me!
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês, Francês, Holandês
Língua estudada :  Chinês (Mandarim), Japonês
Hi there! I'm Dyon, a multilingual Dutchie! As part of my physics masters I'll be doing an internship for 7 months starting coming September at Atsugi NTT Research Labs. Therefore I would like to improve my Japanese, I only know some basic words know. Furhermore, getting started with Mandarin would also be cool! In return I'll be able to teach you English, French, German or of course Dutch (in order for a Dutchman to survive in this globalizing world we need to know a lot of languages hahaha). I could also help you with math and physics ^^. I would also enjoy talking about daily life and building a friendship. It would be amazing to be friends with a local who could show me around! Hope to hear from my future pen pal soon! Dyon
Língua materna :  Lituano, Polaco / polonês, Russo
Língua estudada :  Alemão, Inglês
Hello, I'm Renata from Vilnius,Lithuania. Now trying to learn german language and practice with english,so I need a pen pal :) I can help you to learn lithuanian,russian and polish ;) If you want to know more about me,don't hesitate to contact me ;)
Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Japonês
Hi there, my name is Courtney and I am an Australian studying Japanese at university. My first language is English and I hope to do an exchange with Japanese speakers who are interested in learning English. I have always liked reading and writing in English and can help if you are interested in improving in these areas as well if you like. I am interested in making friends, pen pals or just having a chat to practice. I swim, go to the beach and walk my dog often. I also like games and drawing. Lets learn together! こん(にち・ばん)は!コトニーです。大学で日本語を勉強しているオスとラリア人です。母語は英語だが希望は英語を習うの興味がある日本人,いっしょにこうりょうできます。いつも英語で読むのと書くのをするの好きだからよかったら手伝ってあげられますね(話すも)。友達を作りと文通としゃべるのれんしゅうするのが興味がありますよね。 よく泳いんだりビーチに行ったり犬のさんぽしたりします。ゲームと絵を描くも好きです。 いっしょうに習いましょうね!
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Coreano
Hiii! My name is Lili, I'm 17 years old (19 in korean age) and i'm from Germany! I speak German and English fluently and also some spanish and a little french:) So about me: I just graduated high school this summer and been trying to learn korean for 4 months now and I'd love to have someone to chat and practice with and learn more about korea as a country and the culture and maybe your life there! I like to dance, paint and read soo much, I love K-Pop (lol who woul've thought) and i want to go to korea next year if possible :) Soo hit me up if you're learning english or german and then we can become pen pals :D
Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Norueguês, Bokmål norueguês
My dad is from Tønsberg mom is American I know some Norsk but not a lot and wanna find a pen pal or texting buddy from Norway