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Língua materna :  Espanhol
Língua estudada :  Francês
Hi, My name is Alberto and I am a native Spanish speaker. I'm working on my master's degree in linguistics and I teach Spanish at the university. I'm planning on getting into a PhD program and I need to learn a third language, in this case French. I'd like to have the chance to practice French with someone and help him/her with my Spanish!
Língua materna :  Espanhol, Português
Língua estudada :  Inglês
Hello, My name is Felix. I am from México, therefore my native language is Spanish. I am currently pursuing a master degree in Literature and Linguistics. At the same time, I am teaching Spanish at the university. I want to improve my English skills through language exchange. I can help you with your Spanish skills. También quiero aprender Portugués. Uno de los requisitos para graduarme de la maestría es aprender este idioma, por lo que me sería muy útil un intercambio. Saludos! Felix