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Nome próprio Budd
País natal US Estados Unidos
País atual US Estados Unidos
Idade 27
Sexo Masculino
Língua materna EN Inglês
Língua estudada DE Alemão
NL Holandês
PL Polaco / polonês
RU Russo
UK Ucraniano
IS Islandês



hello, I once was a foreign student in USA, now I am in asia.

Important: I am NOT a citizen of USA.

I am maybe 1/4 ethnic russian ancestry. 3/4 Asians.

I know all major languages in East Asia except only having basic level of S. Korean.

182 cm.

Emma Heesters - Waar Ga Je Heen

Maan & Kraantje Pappie - Rode Wijn (prod. Palm Trees)

quote: A free man thinks of death least of all things; and his wisdom is a meditation not of death but of life.

Also having interests to animal protection laws / animal rights laws in different countries / regions.

To Russian Speakers: I am not sly at all, looking forward to do vk ( ВКонтакте: Добро пожаловать ) voice chat with you! When both of you and me want it!

I welcome Ukrainians, esp. peoples in Western Ukraine to exchange informations with me.

PS, I do not know Russian Language, please using English to communicate with me!

Animes Animals Musics Mangas Sports

Books of different countries.

About Musics: from Mozart to Rock to Rap, in any language.

I listen to some Jpop Jrock too, as well as some Slavic Folk Slavic Pop Slavic Rock

I love animals a lot!


In General to a male user: a. I have no interest to propagandas by any government and b. I want a male friend to provide me Honest and Reliable informations about the country( ries ) he knows, and I will do the same to you, that is to provide Honest and Reliable informations about the countries I lived.

To female user: I care about your inside more than your look.

My priority on this website is for making friends, male or female. Would like long term relation that gives each other benefits( when both parties having time and energy of course ).

I have the things to do in my life, please allow delayed response.

I say things very direct and very straightforward.

Lived in both big cities and small cities in different countries, like small cities more

Favorite quotes:

No man is an island.

Varieties are the spices of life.

Want de dag wordt de nacht en die wacht totdat jij weer schijnt

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Nome próprio Budd
País atual US Estados Unidos
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