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Língua materna :  Inglês, Espanhol
Língua estudada :  Alemão, Coreano
Hi! My name is Flor and I’m 20 years old. I like reading books, swimming, dancing and playing the piano. I’m a positive, patient and pacific person who enjoys meeting new friends. I love traveling and I’m interested in learning about other cultures and their lenguages, especially korean and german. I’d like to learn some basic vocabulary by conversations and I can also help you with spanish and english if you want to. Hola! Mi nombre es Flor y tengo 20 años. Me gusta leer libros, nadar, bailar y tocar el piano. Soy una persona positiva, paciente y pacifica que disfruta conociendo/haciendo nuevos amigos. Yo amo viajar y estoy interesada en aprender sobre otras culturas y sus lenguajes, especialmente coreano y alemán. Me gustaría aprender un poco de vocabulario básico a través de conversaciones y además puedo ayudarte con el español e inglés si quieres.
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Russo
Hallo! Im Juri - was born in Russia and spent most of my life in Europe. I would love to catch up on my russian and offer fluent German and English in exchange. Passionate about music, culture and history! Cheers
Língua materna :  Árabe, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Inglês, Coreano, Francês, Japonês
Hi, I'm from Morocco, 23 years old , I study English at university, I like to learn about different cultures, especially the Korean culture, meet foreign people, and improve my language skills ^^ and I will help you to learn Arabic language so welcome!
Língua materna :  Inglês, Coreano
Língua estudada :  Vietnamita, Chinês (Mandarim)
Hi My name is Kevin. I was born in Korea and immigrated to Australia. i am working at Samsung Security camera distributor in Australia. i would like to learn more about languages, culture and music etc... i was hoping to learn more new languages and see you when i travel there. I love music, movies and Golf. Kind Regards Kevin HJ Park
Língua materna :  Grego moderno, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Francês, Coreano, Filipino (Tagalo), Espanhol, Italiano
Hey this is Kelly ! I’m 27 years old,Greek,I’m looking for longlasting friendships with people from all around the world!i don’t care about ur nationality,gender,religion also looking for language exchange partners. Currently I’m learning Korean! I’d love to help teach you English and Greek as I’m fluent in both!^^ I have all my social media and apps listed so don’t hesitate to add me and come say hey and tell me about your day ,night 🤗 I love texting but I’m more of a call person😄 Some things about me if u wanna know more : My birthday is on 11.11 so that makes me a Scorpio!im a cat mommy 😻and huge animal lover! I’m a huge gamer,I love music and singing,I love streaming on twitch,I’m an activist for various topics( the lgbt community,against animal cruelty,feminism,against child abuse,rape,domestic violence,for all human rights ,mental health,and more :) ) I love movies ( mostly disney!anime,cartoons,kdramas,family,romantic,comedies,fantasy,sci fi) and tv shows ! I’m an empath,I love poetry (I write my own poetry also and want to one day publish my own poetry books),Im a huge potterhead(Harry Potter fan ) I love all kind of arts in general ( I draw,sketch and do art journaling ) I adore traveling and my biggest dream is to travel all around the world one day with friends and loved ones !(maybe meet a traveling soulmate in here and who knows ,we can get to travel together and experience the world together😄 ) I love cooking and food and wanna try food and different cuisine from around the world and different cultures!so far love Asian cuisine specially Chinese Japanese Indian and want to try Korean 🥰 I have an extreme passion and interest for nature and everything about nature is my peace of mind and soul!im a girl of nature 😛🌸🌱🍀 The moon and stars, the ocean,dancing on my own when nobody’s watching 😜 romance,literature,learning about new cultures of the world ,new languages, I love psychology and searching all about our mindset,mentality,personalities etc( I’m an infj personality type for those who wonder ) I wanna be that helping hand in changing the world! I believe that a human being has that power ! I’m extremely artistic,kind,respectful,romantic,caring,loving,humanly,patient,brave,but on top also extremely funny ,sarcastic and I’ll probably love you if u send me memes funny videos vines photos or tell me a joke or joke about everything together 🤣 I’m also really emotional sensitive and a huge dreamer! 🌏 I combine an old soul,with the heart,giggles,laugh and enthusiasm of a little kid :) I’ll always be a little kid at heart ❤️ I’m looking for alike people and same mineee like me ,which I’ve found to be extremely rare . So most of the time I’m a loner and alone which I both have found to love and enjoy ,and is needed in life for me ,but at the same time I crave companionship love affection. I combine the urge to travel all around the world with the comfort of sitting on my sofa or bed with a cup of tea listening to soft music or lullabies at the same time! By that,I admire adventurous but romantic ,sensitive,clever sarcastic funny loving people. Okay I feel like I’d write a whole book if I keep on writing about me and I’ve already must bore u by now so why not just message and befriend me and learn the rest of the tea by chatting with me?i don’t think u will regret it ! I bet I can be such a good friend and language partner (even best friend ) and u can warm ur soul make u laugh and make ur day somehow . Hoping for someone to do the same for me too Maybe I can meet fellow gamers,music movies tv shows art food nature language culture animal lovers artists but most of all best friends and who knows maybe meet my soul mate too ☺️ Thank you for spending ur time reading all this. Have a lovely day ^^ 🌸💕
Língua materna :  Inglês, Japonês
Língua estudada :  Francês
Hello, My name is hiro. I'm 19 years old and I live in in Japan. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study French. I'd be happy to help you to learn English and Japanese in exchange.
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Japonês
Hey there, I'm Stefan (28) from Germany. My hobbies are video games, anime and playing the organ. I want to learn Japanese to watch anime in their original language. I'm not ready yet to actually speak Japanese myself, in fact I'm still having trouble identifying the words when watching anime (let alone translate) - therefore, maybe it's too early for Language Exchange... I don't know. But it won't hurt to try. So... send a message if you wanna help me. It'd be preferable if you speak either English or German well enough to properly explain things to me. In exchange, I offer native German and fluent English. And now again in German/jetzt nochmal auf Deutsch: Hallo, ich bin Stefan (28) aus Deutschland. Meine Hobbies sind Videospiele, Anime und Orgel spielen. Ich möchte Japanisch lernen, um Anime im Originalton anzuschauen. Ich bin noch nicht soweit, selbst japanisch zu sprechen. Ich habe immer noch Probleme, überhaupt die einzelnen Worte rauszuhören, geschweige denn zu übersetzen - vielleicht ist es also zu früh für einen Sprachaustausch... bin mir nicht sicher, aber es ist einen Versuch wert. Also... schreib mir eine Nachricht, wenn du mir helfen möchtest. Vorzugsweise sprichst du Deutsch oder Englisch gut genug, um mir die Dinge verständlich zu erklären. Im Gegenzug biete ich meine Muttersprache Deutsch und sehr gutes Englisch.
Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Italiano
Consultant interested in practicing italian and helping italians with their English. I have many hobbies, love to travel, spend time in Italy and am interested in current events, music, politics, italian culture. Seeking chat with fun and dynamic people who are interested in improving their English.
Língua materna :  Inglês, Francês
Língua estudada :  Espanhol, Coreano, Inglês, Japonês
Hi, i'm learning korean and Spanish. My level is not good enough to talk but if you want to improve your english or your French, I'm here.I learned English through series, books etc. My english is not perfect (i think it will never be) but we can learn together. Actually i'am a big fan of korean culture: i like k-drama, kpop but the reason I want to learn korean is manhwa, i must wait 1 month just for read 1 chapter and if you already read a manhwa, you know how short a chapter is. I'm learning spanish in school but my spanish don't improve, i think it's because we talk french in class so I tried to watch series in spanish but it didn't work that's why i'm here. I'm not learning japanese but I want to know more about this country, the only things I know I learned them from manga. So if you are japanese, spanish or korean and you want to improve or learn English/French i'm here (not literally😂) If you speak English, korean or japanese show yourself (Elsa is in my head 😂😂)
Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Chinês (Mandarim), Coreano
Hello, My name is Ambie. I'm 20 years old and I live in in India. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. I'd be happy to help you to learn English in exchange.
Língua materna :  Inglês
Língua estudada :  Espanhol, Coreano
I'm a student who is currently in university. I'm practicing both Korean and Spanish for traveling and also for interpreting purposes. I love to read, listen music, cook,watching movies ,I love yoga and learning about new cultures. I am fluent in English and would love to exchange languages lets me friends.
Língua materna :  Árabe, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Turco, Francês
Hassan is my name. I live in Beirut, Lebanon. I work in the IT field and would like to practice some new languages like Turkish and French. My hobbies include scientific stuff, astronomy, biking, and jogging.
Língua materna :  Inglês, Filipino (Tagalo)
Língua estudada :  Coreano, Japonês
I'm Chelsy and I'm 15 years old (HEHHEHEEHE) aside from speaking Filipino, I can also speak and help you to speak English (accent and pronunciation) so this past few months I've been practicing Japanese and Korean...unfortunately I can't memorize it on my own (T_T) so I need help from you to help me memorize it HEHEHEHE <3 so feel free HEHEHE and I hope we could be friends
Língua materna :  Inglês, Hindi / híndi / indi
Língua estudada :  Alemão
Hello everyone! My love for different cultures and traditions brings me here. I have learnt German and want to practice with other learners, especially native speakers. I would be glad to help you with Hindi and English. Feel free to drop me a message. Hallo allerseits! Wenn Sie Lust haben, Hindi oder / und Englisch zu lernen, oder mit mir, Deutsch zu üben, dann schicken Sie mir eine Nachricht. Ich freue mich darauf.
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês, Polaco / polonês
Língua estudada :  Francês, Chinês (Mandarim), Alemão
Native Polish, fluent English and German, good Chinese, communicative French. I want to practice Chinese (Mandarin, simplified)/French in exchange.
Língua materna :  Inglês, Italiano
Língua estudada :  Coreano, Tailandês, Chinês (Mandarim), Japonês, Russo
Hi guys I am Italian, I hope to make some friends here
Língua materna :  Inglês, Chinês (Mandarim)
Língua estudada :  Coreano, Japonês
Trying to learn more korean and japanese as I am interested in the culture.
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês, Polaco / polonês
Língua estudada :  Espanhol, Russo
I'd like to pracise my Spanish and Russian. I can offer help in English and German.
Língua materna :  Inglês, Russo
Língua estudada :  Inglês
Hi. My name is Christina, I’m from Russia , from Saint Petersburg and I really want to practice my English , and I can help you to practice English and lean Russian . So , if you you want to know about Russia or to meet a new friend, I’m here , write and we become friends😊
Língua materna :  Inglês, Espanhol, Italiano
Língua estudada :  Russo, Polaco / polonês
Hi everyone, i'm Dom, an italian Guy with the passion for new cutlures and travels. i want to improve my Russian and learn Polish since i love both countries. in exchange i can help you out with Italian, English, and Spanish just drop me simple Hi and let's talk D