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Língua materna :  Japonês
大家好 我是日本人Yosuke 現在各種方面線上學中文和英文 我的中文和英文還不太會說 中文發音和會話還很難 請多多指教 Hello everyone. I’m Japanese Yosuke. Learn Chinese and English online in all aspects. Chinese and English pronunciation and conversation are still difficult. Thank you, I appreciate it.
Língua materna :  Búlgaro
Hello, My name is Djanan and I live in in Bulgaria. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (Bulgaria), Sign Language (International), Sign Language (Japan), Sign Language (Korea), Sign Language (Turkey) and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Bulgarian in exchange.
Língua estudada :  Inglês, Coreano
My name is Zhenya~ I'm from Russia. I'm looking for Korean friends. I can write to you in English. My eng is not good...
Língua materna :  Inglês, Iorubá
My name is Tina I speak English fluently and hoping to improve on Korean And also teach you English in exchange . Feel free to say hi
Língua materna :  Inglês
Hello! I'd love to practice more of the languages I am learning! I am far from fluent in any of them, though. As a native English speaker, I am willing to help others learn English due to this I am also well versed in all the commonly used phrases, idioms, and slang used in day to day life. As I am from America, most of my knowledge of these things will come from there. In my free time, I like to draw, learn to code, watch true crime, and play Dungeons and Dragons.
Língua materna :  Língua de sinais (Egito)
Língua estudada :  Alemão, Inglês
I am interesting in helping other in learning Arabic, and also get to meet great people from all over the world
Língua estudada :  Francês, Inglês
Hi. I'm Jenny and I'm looking for language exchange partner to improve my french. I can help you wiht slovak in exchange.
Hey it's me karan.. I'm here to learn Spanish and Russian.. So I'm looking for a people who can help me to learn that languages instead of that I'll help you in English.. So if you are interested then text me.. I feel glad to reply you
Língua estudada :  Inglês
Yfupfhphoxigufucknjb ovicic
Hi! I am deaf.My ears can't hear at all. I talk by international sign language and some countries of sign languages.👉👈🤘 I studied in Finland.🇫🇮 I live in Kyoto. Working at Osaka. I went to UK, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia etc and I talked with deaf people. I'd like to spread about deaf and sign languages over the world! I'm studying by graduate school of Kyoto University on weekends.🏫 I'm a Psychiatric Social Worker. please talk with me freely. 나는 귀가 들리지 않습니다. 저는 수화를 사용합니다. 정신 보건 복지사입니다. 교토에 살고 있고, 오사카에서 일하고 있습니다. 일본에서 곤란한 사람의 도움이 되고 싶습니다. 한국어를 가르쳐주세요.😊 주말에는 교토 대학 대학원에서 공부하고 있습니다.🏫 Olin Suomessa vammaisille tarkoitussa vaihto-ohjelmassa yhden vuoden ajan vuosina 2014, jolloin olin työharjoittelussa Suomen kuurojen säätiössä. Olen viittomakielen pyörän televisiossa Japanissa. Osaan suomen viittomakieltä, mutta en osaa vielä suomea kovin hyvin. Haluan opiskella suomea hauskalla tavalla!🌸
Língua materna :  Língua de sinais (Turquia)
Língua estudada :  Inglês name is Ahmet.i can teach turkish if you want. we can correspond in english.
Língua materna :  Chinês (Mandarim)
我来自中国广西桂林阳朔,我的家乡有美丽的喀斯特地貌,我想向大家学习英语,德语,法语,拉丁语,还有手语。我觉得语言很有意思,为我打开了通向多个世界的窗口。同时我也很乐意帮助别人了解中国,学习普通话。.I am a native speaker of Chinese, I come from Yangshuo , Guilin City, Guangxi, China.I am preparing for the TOEFL test and preparing for studying abroad. I hope you can help me practice my oral English and help me communicate smoothly with native English speakers. In return, I will teach you Chinese, help you learn Chinese characters and Pinyin, and understand Chinese culture,my hometown, has beautiful scenery and belongs to karst landform.
Língua materna :  Chinês (Mandarim)
Hello, My name is Raine. I'm 18 years old and I live in in China. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (China), Indonesian and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Chinese (Mandarin) in exchange.
Língua materna :  Polaco / polonês
Hi! :) My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland. I would like to improve my English skills.
Língua materna :  Inglês, Nianja / chewa / nyanja
Am a community development worker, living in Malawi l work with community people, that have different cultures, different views and different languages. I teach English to many people that want to learn in my community. I like movies, l like reading novels, l like making friends from other countries.l like jogging,. Foot ball, hiking and tying out new things. I also provide tour guide to anyone in need of it especially the tourists
Língua materna :  Chinês (Mandarim)
Hi, I'm come from Taiwan, I‘m learning English and I can help you learn Chinese (Mandarin) I’m interested in movies, music, art, coffee. Looking forward to know you :)
I'm Cynthia by name i Can speak english,and i really want to learn other languages and bé able to speak it very well, i well also teach you mine i will bé happy🤗🤗to make Friends with you all ok m'y hobbies are: travelling, movies, Reading, Dancing(the most of it all i love smiling alot)i think that pretty dope😏right
Língua materna :  Persa
Língua estudada :  Língua de sinais (Reino Unido)
Hello, My name is Yalda and I live in Ankara, in Turkey. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (United Kingdom). I'd be happy to help you to learn Persian in exchange.
Língua materna :  Vietnamita
Língua materna :  Espanhol
hello i would like to learn japanese for business purposes. if you like i could teach spanish. Thank you for your time.