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Língua materna :  Alemão
Língua estudada :  Finlandês
Hey, my name is Mignon and I'm from Germany. At the moment I'm studying at a vocational gymnasium in Chemnitz. In three years I will have my high school graduation and then I want to study in Tampere. I know that it will not be easy but I'm sure that I can do it. This dream is the reason why I want to learn Finnish, because I think it is easier to live in a country when you can speak the language. So feel free to write me :)
Língua materna :  Árabe
Língua estudada :  Alemão, Inglês
Ich bin Ahmad, und arbeite bei der Uni als Wissenschaftler. I möchte mein Deutsch verbessern. Derzeit bin ich auf Niveau B1.1. Es freut mich, wenn Sie mich korrigieren order mit mir quatschen. Ich kann biete Hilfe im Arabisch oder im Mathe.
Língua materna :  Mongol
Língua estudada :  Inglês
I want to learn English. Need a practice.
Língua materna :  Árabe, Inglês
Língua estudada :  Alemão
Hello, My name is Ismail, 24 years old from Sudan. I would like to improve my German language. Could you help me practice the language in your free time?
Língua materna :  Alemão, Inglês, Italiano
Língua estudada :  Alemão, Japonês
hi everyone! i am an italian girl curently living in Germany... i would like to improve german, and to be able to speak japanese,since i am studying it since just a couple of months.. so i am looking forward to met someone who want to practice with me! mostly with japanese! i can speak good english and , of course, italian! =)
Língua materna :  Chinês (Mandarim)
Língua estudada :  Alemão, Japonês, Inglês
hi, i am junliang liu and 27 years old. also as a Old student. i want to improve my speaking skill in english and germany. and start to learn japanese. if you want to learn chinese, just contakt me. :)
Língua materna :  Alemão, Russo
Língua estudada :  Inglês, Japonês
Since i`m born in Russia and now Living in Germany i want to improve on my language skills overall and learn some new ones. Through various things i`ve seen a bit of Japan and i`m now interested in learning more about the language and the culture in general. I can help with improving ur German/English and a bit of Russian :3
Língua materna :  Panjabi, Urdu
Língua estudada :  Inglês, Alemão
Hello my name is Zeeshan and I am a student in Germany. I can speak Punjabi, Urdu, English, Hindi and a little bit German. I want to practice German so I can be very good at Speaking and Listening to German. I would love to exchange my cultural and language experience with you.. If you want to practice you are WELCOME! :)
Língua materna :  Alemão
Língua estudada :  Inglês, Tcheco
Hello, My name is Sven and I live in Chemnitz, in Germany. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English and Czech. I'd be happy to help you to learn German in exchange.